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Diatonic Dilemma

DIATONIC DILEMMA Richter tuning makes the diatonic harmonica unique, but the instrument’s trademark chords (especially in the low octave) requires suffocation of certain notes within the diatonic scale. This is where the big weakness of the diatonic harmonica gets exposed.

  • Method or Madness

    Why is the Coupling Method superior? Answer: Because it enables the diatonic musician to play what was previously impossible, embellish it with new notes, incorporate harmonies, play additional chords, have a more full sound and finally, not merely compete with,

  • Harmonica… Declining Public Interest?

    Yes! According to “Google Trends”, interest in the harmonica, especially the diatonic harmonica is in dramatic decline. The trend varies some by region, but in general it’s a worldwide trend. Without getting into the details of just what the numbers

  • A new series on “How To Play…”

    Within the next couple weeks I’ll be doing demonstrations of some popular songs and giving instruction on how to play them. I’ll be playing in free time with no musical accompaniment. This series is designed for those interested in learning

  • Press Release: Converting Diatonic Harmonicas…

            “New Diatonic Harmonica Breakthrough” “Harmonica Doctor” Bill Price presents: The revolutionary Coupling Method for playing the diatonic harmonica… Bill Price reveals his new method for playing the diatonic harmonica, whereby anyone can convert their ordinary ten-hole diatonic harmonicas into

  • “California Dreaming”

    On “California Dreaming” I used a natural and a harmonic minor. I liked how that combination traveled through the song. I experimented with the major combinations and just couldn’t generate that haunting quality the two minors offered. Coupling offers more creative opportunities

  • “Give Me Some Loving”

    “Give Me Some Lovin”, the first song on Taking the Lead uses a little of every primary feature thatcoupling brings to the harmonica world. Two diatonics provide those distinctive Hammond B3 organ chords,all the notes necessary for Stevie Winwood’s lead vocal line and a