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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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Playing the song Exodus, demonstrates another first on the diatonic harmonica, the theme song from the movie sound track,” Exodus” is another example of the latent versatility in the old ten hole diatonic harmonica. The diatonic charges off the blues


    OFF THE RESERVATION is an escape from the orthodox diatonic blues plantation. Bill Price drives the diatonic harmonica into multiple genres by utilizing Joseph Richter’s invention in a completely unique way.  For example. who ever heard of playing “Crazy” on diatonic

  • SPAH and the “Advancement” for the Diatonic Harmonica

    The “advancement” of the ten hole Richter mouth organ isn’t really a serious proposition at SPAH… Continue reading

  • Bill Price: To the Critics

      (The field of my invention includes the full tone formula) It seems the premise for challenging my invention (the coupled 20 hole Richter diatonic harmonica) is predicated on the fact that I didn’t invent the harmonica itself and that

  • A letter from Bill Price (Inventor)

    This site features an exclusive two and a half year audio/video history of the inventor’s unique full-tone “Coupling Method” for playing the ten-hole diatonic harmonica. Be among the world’s most versatile by using this new method for playing the Richter.

  • A Richter Revolution!

      Aside from a few alternate tunings, improvements in materials for construction and some playing techniques, the Richter diatonic harmonica is essentially the same today as it was back in 1826. Enter the whole-tone, “Coupling Method” for playing the Richter:

  • The Richter Renaissance

    A popular music renaissance was in the making when suddenly an unexpected anomaly appeared. The tiniest instrument within its gritty ensemble had generated a unique mystique…enter the diatonic harmonica. The blues was rising in popularity and the soul of that