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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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OFF THE RESERVATION is an escape from the orthodox diatonic blues plantation. Bill Price drives the diatonic harmonica into multiple genres by utilizing Joseph Richter’s invention in a completely unique way.  For example. who ever heard of playing “Crazy” on diatonic harmonicas. We are not just talking about a solo break or an adapted version to fit the instrument’s notoriously truncated scales; we’re talking about playing it just the way Patsy Cline sang it, every note. You get the complete song on the world’s most vocal sounding instrument, the diatonic harmonica. Impossible? Find out for yourself by clicking “Crazy” on the home page. Listen to music’s newest innovation on both of Price’s CD’s, “Taking the Lead” and his most recent “OFF THE RESERVATION”.

Jimmy Shellberg, audio engineer, Sonic Landscapes Jackson MI

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Sep 15
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