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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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Method or Madness

Why is the Coupling Method superior? Answer: Because it enables the diatonic musician to play what was previously impossible, embellish it with new notes, incorporate harmonies, play additional chords, have a more full sound and finally, not merely compete with, but in some very notable cases out-perform instruments that have full diatonic scales. There’s resistance out there to the coupling invention, because without question, it rearranges the diatonic harmonica paradigm. To illustrate the magnitude of what coupling does, envision a car that can change direction without slowing down, maneuver like a motorcycle and at the same time sleep six people comfortably. There isn’t any diatonic harmonica musician, past or present, that can come close to the level of versatility that can be achieved through the Coupling Method. Nobody! No one! Zip!  

A common misconception: speed= ability  I can’t help but cringe when somebody is acclaimed simply based on the number of notes they manage to jam inside a measure of music.  As I peruse some diatonic demo’s on u-tube there appears to be an inordinate number exercising various speed rifts in order to convey their “ability” . Speed does have its place, but it can get old rather fast… The Harmonica Doctor

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