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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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“Since I don’t have you”

Since I don’t have you” is a classic tune, sung by Jimmy Beaumont & the Skyliners, 1959. This song can be played on the diatonic by using three as a unit, two majors and a minor tuning. The major keys per my formula for major key coupling, in this case a Bb and C. I use the minor key for only two notes, so the third harmonica is an easy maneuver. I chose this song for two reasons. First I love it; second, its remarkable range serves as a nice example for illustrating what can be achieved through coupling. Keep in mind that I played this song after only a year of coupling diatonic harmonicas. Actually, it’s much easier than it looks. Playing two at a time just takes a little practice, that’s all.



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Jul 18
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