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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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The twenty hole diatonic harmonica

What is the twenty-hole diatonic harmonica? Answer: Two ordinary ten-hole diatonic harmonicas tuned a full step apart on the chromatic scale and joined together to form one instrument. Why play the 20-hole diatonic? Answer: It’s the world’s most versatile diatonic. This site is all about playing the 20 hole diatonic harmonica. If you dedicate yourself to this new diatonic method of playing you’ll be among the world’s most versatile diatonic musicians. This means you will be able to play complete melodies of more songs in more octaves, use more chords and create a fuller sound.

Bill Price: “I no longer play a single diatonic harmonica. I find it inadequate for my broadened  musical aspirations. Occasionally I incorporate a half step into this new method for playing, but the 20-hole diatonic is the basis for the Coupling Method.

If you’re not satisfied with the range and overall capability of the single diatonic harmonica, this new method of playing is for you.  The door to a new diatonic future!




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