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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

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“We gotta get out of this Place”

Got to Get out of This Place” released in the summer of 1965 and performed by the Animals, became our anthem in Vietnam. The chorus, “We gotta get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we ever do…” was a consensus type chant for veterans fighting in America’s second undeclared war. Fourteen months in Vietnam, 1967-68, inspired me to play it forty-five years later. I thought of overdubbing the harmony on the chorus, but then one person wouldn’t be able to perform it that way.  By using a Bb and a C major you’ll be able to play along with the original. I start the song with a Huey (helicopter) tach-ing up, a very, very familiar sound. It ends with a full throttle fly-over.  Semper Fi, to all my brothers out there…

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Jul 18
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