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Making the diatonic versatile #2
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Making the diatonic versatile #2

Uploaded on Mar 5


  • Making the diatonic versatile #2
    Making the diatonic versatile #2

    Watch and see how you can make your old diatonic harmonicas versatile. The diatonic is not a versatile instrument! But… it can be. This brief video will inspire ambitious diatonic harmonica players to convert their  ten hole diatonic harmonicas into

    Uploaded on Mar 5
  • Since I Don’t Have You
    Since I Don’t Have You

    Uploaded on Sep 11
  • How to couple your Harmomicas
    How to couple your Harmomicas

    A short demonstration: How to convert your diatonic harmonica into an instrument with exceptional capability. After watching this you’ll be able to overcome the design limits Richter tuning imposed on the diatonic harmonica when it was first invented back in 1826.

    Uploaded on Aug 11
  • Ave Maria
    Ave Maria

    Three coupled diatonic harmonicas

    Uploaded on May 1
  • Gimmie Some Lovin
    Gimmie Some Lovin

    A simple demonstration of the huge expansion coupling brings to the diatonic harmonica. A chromatic harmonica cannot do this. Only by coupling diatonic harmonicas can this unique delivery be accomplished.  

    Uploaded on Apr 4
  • Bill on JTV
    Bill on JTV

    The Bart Hawley Show is a long time running show on JTV, a locally owned and operated television station here in Jackson, MI.  Check out my interview with Bart!

    Uploaded on Mar 12
  • Check out my P.R. video!
    Check out my P.R. video!

    A picture isn’t always worth a thousand words! Sometimes words are needed. What you’ll be watching and hearing in this short video is explained with some concise words about what’s actually happening. The brief narration in this P.R. video will

    Uploaded on Jan 31
  • How to play “Sounds of Silence”
    How to play “Sounds of Silence”

    Hello all, Me, playing solo, allows you to hear the “Coupling Method” exclusively.  In the future I’ll be doing “Sounds of Silence” in a similar arrangement with bass, percussion, and guitar. When you try and play this song on a

    Uploaded on Nov 7
  • California Dreaming
    California Dreaming

    In “California Dreaming” I used a natural and a harmonic minor. I liked how that combination traveled through the song. I experimented with the major combinations and just couldn’t generate that haunting quality the two minors offered. Coupling offers more

    Uploaded on Jul 19
  • Harmonica Reinvented
    Harmonica Reinvented

    Learn HOW to convert your diatonic harmonica!

    Uploaded on Jul 18